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which episode does the title of your blog come from?

I guess you are talking about the “I’m a twelve!”, well it’s from episode 10x03, TOW Ross’s Tan, he goes to get a tan and well, things go wrong, and he was supposed to have a level 2 kind of tan, but ends up with 12 levels of tan. :)

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Hi! I love your blog, and I have a question, in which episodes do Ross and Rachel kiss? Thanks x

Hello there! And thank you so much :3 
Well, Rachel gives Ross a little kiss for the first time in TOW the East German laundry detergent (1x05), and I don’t know if this counts as a kiss, but she imagines he gives her one in TOW Rachel finds out (1x24).
But, their first official kiss was in TOW Ross finds out (2x07), then, they kiss again in TOW the prom video (2x14), and from that episode to TOW Ross and Rachel take a break (3x15)m they kiss in most of the episodes.
They kiss again in TO at the beach (3x25) and TOW the jellyfish (4x01).
Then there’s a huge kissing hiatus until TOW Rachel is late (8x22) and TOW Rachel has a baby part II (8x24)
They kiss again in TOW Rachel’s going away party (10x16) and well, they kiss in The last one (10x17) and (10x18)

I hope I’m not forgetting other kiss.
If you have another question hit that ask box ;)

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